Osho Books, Audios and Videos

Who is OSHO?

OSHO is an enlightened mystic whose vision, wisdom and humor has touched the lives of countless people around the world.

OSHO was born in a small village in India on December 11th, 1931, and from his earliest years demonstrated qualities of consciousness and awareness far beyond his years.

Even before the age of five he absolutely insisted on experiencing life for himself, refusing to acquire beliefs or knowledge from others. Instead he always managed to discover his own way of living and understanding life.

OSHO's penetrating insights often startled his parents because he could point out the source of human suffering in almost every aspect of life.

Suddenly, at the age of twenty-one, OSHO became enlightened and describes the experience as “a new energy arising, coming from nowhere and everywhere ... in the trees in the rocks ... in the sky, in the sun and in the air.”

For years OSHO kept this experience a secret, continuing his studies, graduating from Jabalpur University with honors, becoming a professor of philosophy.

Later OSHO travelled throughout India, giving talks before huge crowds, challenging religious and other beliefs in public debate. Soon he became well-known and friends began to gather around him to learn from his unique understanding of the whole span and height of human consciousness.

OSHO is a man who is totally self-realized with this consciousness, who has the creativity to bring this realization into this day and age.

From the Bhagavad-Gita to Buddhism, from the Bible to Zen, OSHO brings such a freshness and newness to religious teachings that his listeners are touched as never before.

He has discovered that the traditional meditation techniques of sitting and watching the mind are not enough to help modern people awaken from their unconsciousness. Something new is needed because the Western mind is so set and fixed into mechanical patterns that it takes enormous energy and strength to break them down.

OSHO left his body on January 19, 1990. His presence remains in thousands of discourses which are rendered in book form, translated into 30 languages, as well as in audiotapes and videotapes.

This is perhaps the only such library archive of verbatim teachings of an enlightened mystic available in the world. It is literally a living library.